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House of the Orishas Cultural Center

Our Story
Board of Directors
Magali Rivera-Davis
Grant Davis
Vice Chair
Morgan Tucker
Dennis Rodriquez
Stuart Hanlon


I would like to share our story:

In October of 2008, House of the Orishas Botanica began providing services to various communities in San Francisco. As a botanica, we were able to provide our patrons with products for their holistic remedies, along with spiritual guidance from practitioners of Santeria and Ifá.

On June 4, 2010 in the cultural womb of San Francisco's Mission District, the House of the Orishas Cultural Center was born. Over time, we found there were greater needs of support in our communities so we developed more services to benefit them. Among the many services we provided to the community, we offered translation services, youth-geared mentoring, assistance for adults pursuing continuing education, and counseling for single mothers.

In 2015, House of the Orishas Cultural Center became a 501(c)(3) organization, once again expanding our range of services by establishing access to the country of Cuba for religious purposes. This allowed us to see the beautiful strength of the Cuban people who hold steadfast to their cultural and religious heritage with great pride. We were able to live in local homes with families who shared with us how they managed to prevail over tribulations with limited community resources. This brought us to reflect on the similarities between the needs of the communities both in Cuba and in the United States.


Once House of the Orishas Cultural Center was established, we embarked on a cross-cultural outreach in Cuba. During the duration of our stay, we sought to provide communities with simple necessities; to fill the need where there is a gaping void. We organize trips to Cuba throughout the year for small and large groups. We create unique, refreshing, religious experiences and humbling memories for our guests that are so educational, you won't even believe you were in class!  

We would like to thank those countless supporters throughout this whole process; your help does not go unnoticed. We are filled with gratitude for all the support House of the Orishas Cultural Center has received over the years.

Ashe'  Iboru

Magali Rivera-Davis

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