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Travel Testimonies

"Dear House of the Orishas Cultural Center,


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  I’d like to share with you how my trips to Cuba helped me work towards something beyond myself. Every struggle, experience and happy moment I had gone through in my life shaped me into the mother/woman I am today.  My two trips to Cuba with the House of the Orishas Cultural Center have transformed my life. Traveling to Cuba reenergize my soul and empowered me to take on the next chapters in my life. It could not have been done without you."

-Norma M.



"We spent most of our time in Matanzas, which is known as the “Venice of Cuba” because of the 17 bridges that cross the three rivers running through the city and as the “Athens of Cuba” for its many poets.  From the moment we arrived, we were immersed in a rich, sensuous world of color, sound, and movement.  We saw the rumba guaguancó performed, heard the beat of conga drums, and rode across the city in beautiful vintage cars. At every step of the way, the House of the Orishas was there to navigate me through this new world and help me deeply  experience a culture so geographically close to the United States yet distant in many other ways." 

-Marques R.

"Cuba is such a magical place.  I loved all the tradition and the feeling I got from being around such amazing people is something I can not begin to explain.  One has to travel there to truly experience the blessings and love that you receive while sharing time and experiences with the people that live there.  I look forward to traveling back to Cuba in the very near future and I trust my travel with nobody else but my Family at House of the Orishas!  I am so thankful and blessed to be part of such an amazing spiritual family!"

-Roseann G.

"Everyone goes places for their own reasons, experiences things through different eyes. Some like to go to a resort environment with the comforts of home, and take quick jaunts “out” into the local community. Others have a specific agenda: beach, surf, nightclub, food, music, history, religion… Maggie(Founder and Director) has contacts in all of these realms and takes the time to inquire about the type of trip you want to have and makes it happen. AND she makes sure that the people on the ground making it happen are fairly paid."

Daniel M.

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