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Welcome to

La Casa

A Non-Profit Organization

House of the Orishas Cultural Center seeks to educate people on the beauty and value of cultural diversity.


Our goal is to foster understanding and trust among people of all walks of life.

Serving under-privelaged communities at home and abroad

House of The Orishas Cultural Center seeks to promote and facilitate

educational and culturally enriching environments and events that improve our communities. 

We vow to advocate for our

clients until they receive a fair resolution and to connect those seeking assistance with the services they need.


Celebrating and sharing the beauty of Caribbean cultures is one of the many goals of House of the Orishas. 


We organize trips to Cuba so our clients can gain an understanding and appreciation for the culture of the Cuban people.

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Remedies to live a better you.

House of the Orishas Cultural Center was founded by Priests of Ifa and Santeria who have created meaningful relationships with local religious pracitioners. 


We seek to guide guests through a spiritual journey that will lead to clarity of the mind and renewal of the body.

House of the Orishas Cultural Center is a US based non-profit organization created to provide cultural and religious experiences, organize educational trips to Cuba, provide humanitarian aid to the people of Cuba and practice Spirituality, Ifa and Santeria.

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