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Believe in Yourself

“Believe in Yourself”

Oh, how we are able to play the words “Believe in Yourself” on repeat in our thoughts! Social media has been saturated with posts that shout “Believe in Yourself,” but still we walk around saying and doing things that betray someone who doesn’t have that belief. This blog post is the 1st for our newly published web site, and I want to provide a simple remedy to help you “Believe in Yourself” and live your best life.

Now, believing in yourself has nothing to do with economics. More money doesn’t mean more self-esteem. Nope, not a chance. For proof of this, just look at the rich and famous and their children. Have you heard of the saying “Money can’t buy you class?” Well, it can’t buy you self-esteem either. TRUST. People, let’s take that idea and throw it out the window. Swoosh!

In order to believe in yourself, you must learn how to surrender. You may say, “Huh???,” but it’s true. That’s right, surrendering to your circumstances will allow you to accept and understand them in order to prep for better circumstances, for what you truly desire.

When do you tense up? Oftentimes, it is when you are fighting against your circumstances, either physically or mentally. When you tense up, do you think calmly and rationally?

Do you know that what is yours is destined to be yours? Do you really understand this concept????? Here’s a quick true story. I opened a botanica with nothing at all except the donations of people that believed in me. A botanica is a place where people can go for spiritual guidance, where practitioners of the Santeria and Ifa Religion can purchase supplies for ceremonies, and where others can look for products for holistic remedies.

I was raised in the Santeria and Ifa Religion. As a matter of fact, my father is considered a pioneer of the Religion, especially in the Bay Area. Even though I was very intimately familiar with this religious community, let’s just say that it hasn’t always been the most welcoming. However, I believed in what was mine, surrendered to my conditions, and pushed for better circumstances. Again, know that what is yours is destined to be yours.

I am so proud to now be working on a blog for House of the Orishas Cultural Center. Creating this center has been a 15+ year dream that I never gave up on. I finally learned to surrender to my circumstances and realized that I could not control other people, places, things, or time. This allowed me to stay calm and not allow the actions of others to cause me tension. Now, instead of being worried about the actions of others, I’m more concerned about my reactions. This is a small remedy that can lead to huge opportunity, so remember that surrendering is just like the word forgiveness, which we will have to discuss in another post. I promise that I will dedicate myself to

writing this blog. I will be consistent and make sure that these posts feed everyone that reads them FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Thank you for your support!

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